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Our company "Diaplast" produces diamond smoothing and polishing tools. We also sell other special tools and chemicals for the stone, concrete and glass treatment:

- Diamond saw blades for the wet and dry  cutting of granite, concrete and other materials.
- Diamond core drill bits.
- Diamond grinding cup wheels.
- Diamond smoothing wheels (hard and flexible).
- Special tools made by the individual orders.
- Abrasive grinding wheels.
- Felt and synthetic polishing wheels.
- Polishing powder for stone and glass treatment.
- Angle grinders.
- Back pad holders.
- Glues, cleaners, surface treatment products and  other chemicals suitable for stone and concrete.
- Bronze letters, crosses, emblems for the monuments.
- And other goods for the stonemasones.

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Elektrėnų g. 10F, Kaunas LT –51001, Lithuania


+370 37 45 40 26


+370 37 45 40 26


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