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Šv. Marijos skulptura 96    Šv. Marijos skulptura 166    Šv. Marijos skulptura 459    Šv. Marijos skulptura 4    Šv. Marijos skulptura 303

Angeliuko skūlptura 2817    Angeliuko skūlptura 198    Angeliuko skūlptura 292    Angeliuko skūlptura 66    Angeliuko skūlptura  83

Angeliuko skūlptura 2060    Angeliuko skūlptura  398    Angeliuko skūlptura  320    Angeliuko skūlptura  380    Angeliuko aplikacija 2161


The Kosmolux artistic creation show the fascination and splendour of the well-known Apuan Carrara marble. Increasing success on the most important markets worldwide is based on company experience, on the originality of models carried out by skillful sculptors, on the quality of the row materials employed and  careful handicraft finishing. Kosmolux” high technological standard enables them to guarantee all production.
Kosmolux art works are made of white reconstituted crystalline Carrara marble.
The Kosmolux product stands out especially for its excellent light fastness and resistance to atmospheric agents.
Kosmolux products are certified unalterable over time.

Italian company “Kosmolux” produces reconstituted marble sculptures since 1955. Due the high quality and original design   Sculptures are made of white Carrara marble powder mixed with a special binder.

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